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      Distroyed In His Love And Passion


I was only 13 when all this started, i was quite young i suppose, i used to be really famous in school and enjoy life. I was friendly with all guys in my class and i didn't believe in love at all i thought it was a waste of time until he came into my life. My mum and my sister used to talk about him and his family all the time but i hardly had a clue who he was because i was around 6 7 when i came to Britain so i didn't really remember much about my country and back home. My mum always used to tell my older sister how much he loved me and he was only around 10 or 11 than, he used to threaten my mum that he will hurt her if she don't give me to him. 

   One day just by chance my grand mother back home went to their house and they have Internet, so my dad rang his family saying that they have Internet and so do we so my gran could come online so we could chat to her on mic and her each other on cam and his dad gave his email address. when my older sis went on her account and added him he was online than that night all of us talked to my grand mother and that was it, the next day my sis was logged on on her account in MSN and she said dont sign me out, i said fine.He was online i started talking to him and he was talking in a very weird manner so i just said i have to go he took my email address and added me. The next day when i went online im my own account he was online again and we started talking and he started saying things like i love you and so on and i was so shocked i was like what? i was so horrified that how can he love me when we haven't even chatted properly and don't know each other that much. He started explaining to me how much he loved me since childhood and now...i said to him how is that possible you don't even know how i look and your saying i love you he goes i loved you than and i still do just because you have grown a bite and changed it doesn't mean i stop loving you..and the thing he was saying was so shocking they were so romantic and true..but i didn't believe him at that time and we carried on chatting for 1 2 months until i believed that he actually does love me and after that we started talking daily and its been a year and half since than. I'm 15 now and he's 18 and i love him so much i don't know in what words to explain it to you! i talked to him daily and it was just like he was here with me and we became so close that it was getting impossible to live without each other until today came the day of my death and i will never ever forget this day it was worst than hell. He just went offline and we were talking from 8 this morning till now and i think he might come back, but I'm not sure. My older sister always used to say he will dump me and hes playing with me but i never believed her and never ever will. Today he found out about what my sis thinks about him and how upset she is that i  have been so close to. When he found out he went that until he doesn't prove to my sis that he actually does love me he wont chat with me online that much because she gets upset about it and he don't want to upset her. I have been crying all day today i don't know how i will be able to breath without chatting to him. But we both have promised each other one thing that we will prove to this world that our love is pure and true and not a one night stand or a game. By writing my love story here i realised that i have stopped crying and feel much better i hope i can live until he comes here. In the future I'm ether his or I'm no ones and for him i will leave this world if i have to!!!


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