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      Music is the Language of Love


I met Warden (name has been changed) when I moved back from London to go to high school in my old town in New Jersey. Our high school was a combination of two towns, so I had never met the kids from the other town, and only knew the ones from my own.

The first day of school I was seated next to Warden in English. He was a complete jerk. He was rude and arrogant and full of himself. Everyone hated him. He had few friends, but many girlfriends, for he was good looking and could put on a charm.

Warden and I constantly fought, for he picked on me constantly and made fun of the fact that I actually read all of the assigned reading. Our antagonistic relationship continued for all of freshman year.

As sophomore year began, Warden apologized for being such a jerk to me the year before. We began to talk during school, for we sat next to each other in English again, and were chemistry lab partners. I began to realize that Warden was beginning to change.

When Junior year began Warden and I began to talk more and more. We talked in school, texted, and talked online for hours at a time. We both realized that we had misjudged one another, and we realized how similar we were. I suddenly found myself falling for him. He even started calling me Gracie, a nickname of my name, Grace.

But still Warden had a pattern of dating slutty girls. It pained me as he dated them, and then struggled through the breakouts. We had become pretty good friends, and so he often confided with me about his relationships. He was completely oblivious to my affections for him.

Anyways, one of Warden's passions was music. He played the bass and took music classes at a college in the city.

Warden began to compose his own piece of music. He talked about it constantly.

Months pasted and Warden continued to consider me as only a friend. We hung out constantly, and everyone said we had something, but nothing ever happened. His friends constantly told me that if he dated me, it would be the greatest decision of his life, but Warden never even noticed.

I decided to move on, and I started to date a kid named Joe, who I had met at work. I liked Joe so much, and began to forget my affections for Warden.

But after two months of dating, Joe suddenly broke up with me. I was devastated and later found out that he had been cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend. I cried for days. When Warden asked me to hang out, I went and all of a sudden all of my old feelings for him came flowing back.

We began to hang out more and more. But unfortunately Warden was still dating a slutty younger girl, and spent a lot of time with her.

But then suddenly, one of Warden's friends texts me and tells me that Warden broke up with his girlfriend. I was so happy! I couldn't stop smiling...until I heard from someone else that Warden had broken up with Josie (his recent girlfriend) to go back to another one of his girlfriends., one who had broken his heart, and one who I had heard him sob about. I was devastated and heartbroken. I went home and closed myself in my room. Kind of drastic, but it hurt...

That afternoon someone rang my doorbell. I was home alone, so I ran downstairs and opened the door to see...Warden! He was standing uneasily at my door, holding a bundle of papers. I was so shocked that it took me a few moments before asking him inside. He came in and stood in my kitchen, refusing to sit, so I stood nearby in the doorway. After a few moments of silence I said "I heard you broke up with Josie...I am happy for you and Annie though. I bet you two will be happy back together." My words spewed out, and Warden suddenly looked confused. "I didn't go back to Annie." Warden said suddenly. I looked at him confused. He started to speak, and then just thrust the bundle of papers at me. I looked down. They were just pages of music. I stared at him. "It is my composition." He said. "The one I have been working on this whole year." I continued to stare at him, confused. "Look at the title." He said, and waited. I looked down, and an intense feeling flooded my body when I read it. The title read: "Grace".

Warden explained that he had liked me for a year, and that he had written the music for me. He had only been dating these girls to make me jealous!!!  The whole situation was so ridiculous!!!

That night we talked for hours. We started dating immediately. We dated all the way through our senior year of high school, and we were inseparable. We ended up going to the same college, for we both were interested in history, and got into a school that had a good history program. Warden proposed the night after we graduated. We have been happily married for six years, and have two beautiful children, and are hoping for many more. We still have the original composition. We keep in the piano bench, and Warden plays it for me on every anniversary. I guess this proves that music is the language of love.  


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