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So yes i have this friend. He is one of my best friends and i have known him forever. He is always there for me and I know if I need something all i have to do is call and ask. There is an age difference. He went off to college and then came back and we started to hang out again. I love this kid to death yet i know that i can never have him. I have already gone out with a friend of mine and it ruined out relationship completely. I go out with and talk to other guys yet at the same time i think of him. It doesn't matter what i try to do to forget that i love him. He is still the first thing i think of when i wake up and the last thing when i go to sleep. I don't want to risk another friendship yet i don't always want to wonder what if. There is only one other person on this earth that know i love him. She says to go for it yet she can get anyone she wants where as me I'm not that cute and I'm always afraid of being rejected. And yet I know that he only thinks of me as a kid sister and that's all that he will ever think of me as i will always love him with all of my heart.


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