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      Betrayed and hurt


My husband and I were about to celebrate our "13" wedding anniversary, when I became ill, I went to my doctor and she diagnosed me with a horrible sexually transmitted disease, When I asked my husband he very matter of factly told me that he had picked up a student from a very good university near our home and had sex with her. He doesn't know her name or anything about her, but that it was only a one night stand. My doctor gave me some medication and it all cleared up, but then I also found out that I was 3 months pregnant and the medications probably affected my unborn child. I miscarried two weeks later.

For the last 12 years I had wanted a baby! and now it's gone.

I felt like dying, a precious life was put in the middle of a storm because of my husbands actions and because of some EASY! college student. I won't forgive my husband he is as much trash as she Is.

I can't forget that for that moment in time, I was a MOMMY! My husband is not a happy man, he looks lost, and he is hurting too, he wanted to be a father so badly, you see he is the one with the fertility problem, not me! we have no baby, and we will no longer have a marriage, I'm moving on! and for the University student that got picked up I guess that's the best thing she will ever be, a WHORE with a degree, and a bag of venereal diseases, much success to her, trying to rid herself of all the garbage she has been deposited with. But, she will never be what I am and what I have and will always be, A TRUE WOMAN WITH SELF RESPECT, AND DIGNITY! A woman who has her career without having to rely on getting laid by a boss, or professor, to get somewhere in life. How sad it is for a woman to be used, in such manner but even worse, shame on her for letting herself be used as a garbage disposal! I pity the fool who picks her up next, but I also feel pity for her, maybe she doesn't know that there is no cure for AIDS!!!! At least not in her lifetime. She is obviously cutting it short one night stand at a time!


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