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      Coincidence? Or Fate?


Its amazing how one night, can turn into something you totally didnt expect it to. It was our highschool swing dance. I was playing in the jazz band. I got there a couple hours early to set up, and after that, i was hanging with my guys, and looking for a fun night of music (i had a solo on one of the songs, which doesnt come often for a bass player). Turns out, the people were giving dance lessons. They separated the guys and girls, taught us each our respective parts, then said to pair up. My first partner was a flute player from the band, we danced a little bit, and talked, but nothing more, and we separated into guy and girl lines, (I have noticed through out the story i have not even mentioned once that im a guy, just to inform.) but before we did, one of my best friends, who i had fallen for months earlier, got rejected by, and somewhat recovered from the blow, came up to me and told me that we were gonna dance next pairing.

So next pairing comes along, and i see her, dancing with her senior boyfriend (we're freshmen) and she kinda just looked back and said "sorry". Well, i had expected it, so again, was looking for a random dance partner, when the girl who would soon be the fruit of my desire, said "anyone need a partner?" Now me not exactly being shy around girls, i stepped in, and introduced myself, and we started to dance, and talk, and it was a pretty fun time. We separated, but i had a feeling that we'd be lookin for eachother. So we pair up again, and our hands meet, and my friend comes up, expecting a dance. I look over and say "I have a partner already." She looks kinda annoyed and goes and dances with another boy. After the 3rd lesson, the teachers announce that the lessons are over, and that the band will start playing soon. I said "haha, thats my que, i gotta go up there." and she says, "well, when you get a break your gonna have to come find me."

So Im up playin with the band, and i find myself looking at that girl, seeing if she has a dance partner. I didn't see her dancing with many guys, mostly her friends. My heart lept, even though i tried to supress it, i always hated the fact of me falling fast for someone, and just after one night, i already started to have feelings for her...

Our first break, i get up off the bandstand, i see her, and before i know it, we're dancing again, and talking, and enjoying ourselves. She was extremly easy to talk to, and i felt comfortable dancing with her. For once in my life, i started looking forward to the breaks, more than i was looking forward to the music. At about 11:00 we got done with our last set, and they played the record for a little bit longer, and i wanted to get one last dance with her. We kept dancing, and we didnt even notice that the music stopped. We laughed it off, and then said our good byes for the night, then departed.

I got my ride home, and i couldnt help but think about her, i mean, i danced the whole night with her, and she fit the bill of the exact girl i was looking for! She wasn't the normal hoochie momma who would dance with every guy she set her eyes on, it was a swing dance, with girls with more morality, self respect, and mental stability than the girls at normal school dances, which is defiantly something i admire and respect in a girl. And also there was the fact that i was a very bouncy swing dancer, and she was the only one that could put up with me. I liked that alot too. But even as much as i thought about her, i kept trying to tell myself "it was a one night thing, we'll probably never even see her again?" I went to bed as soon as i got home, i had work in the morning.

So i woke up and headed to a hard day of work. I was currently a baseball umpire, and i had 3 games scheduled. I got 2 done, and my boss said the 3rd one was cancled. So i sat down, and decided to watch my friends sisters game, and i looked over, and sitting there, reading a book, was the girl from the dance last night. I thought, "nahh, couldnt be". But i found myself trying to catch her eye, rather than watch the game. Our eyes met, and i gave her a questioning look, along with a smile, which she returned, and i got up and walked over to her.

I kneeled down on the grass, and sure enough, it was her. we we're amazed that after dancing the night away, that we would meet eachother the next day. I thought to myself "coincidence? or fate?" So we picked up right where we left off from the night before (just minus the dancing). We got to know eachother a little better, find out what lunches we had (by another "coincidence" we had the same one, every day!) what our interests were, what we liked. Turns out she hated baseball, but just found herself going to her younger sisters game, and said she wouldnt make a habit of showing up!

Things after that just kept going in my direction, I started eating lunch with her friends. I'd always tell her when i was working, and she always would say, "my sister has a game, but dont count on me showing up." Yet, she would still show up. She became the only incentive for me to show up to work on most nights. The times we spent together at baseball games, (Which was mostly her laughing at my over the top strike out calls) was really special to me, and i enjoyed every between inning chat we had. So much to one day, i made sure to bring a pen, and the envelope of my paycheck i got the night before, to give her my phone number.

Everything really took off after that, we started talking on the phone more often, about tons of different things, and when i was talking to her, i couldnt be happier. I had defenatly admited that i liked her, and that i had certianly fallen for her.

One night, my friend gives me a call about pplans for a movie, she asked me if i liked anyone. She was one of the only people i confided in. The girl who i will now refer to as my "crush" called the next day, and i brought up the idea of a movie, and she didnt object.

It was the opening day of a big movie, and i wanted to make sure she had a ticket, so i went ahead and bought an extra one. She got to the box office before i did tho, so i didnt have a chance to give her that extra ticket, but she thought the gesture was really, "sweet of me". I ended up selling the ticket to someones date, and then we all just headed in. My friend made a big deal to set up the seats so me and my crush were sitting together. When it was all said and done, i couldnt help but be really red in the face. But my crush didnt seem to care, she seemed pretty happy. The movie started, and every now and then, i'd take a glance at her, just to look. I dont know if she was doing the same, because i was also watching the movie. We didnt get terribly close during it, but i gotta admit, we were closer to eachother at the end of the movie than we were at the start. I felt it inapropriate to make a move or anything, cause it was only a friendly get together, and no one was really there as a couple. The movie ended, and we got up and out of the theater. We didnt hug or anything, both of our rides were here, and so we just kinda did our signature "see ya" and went off.

A couple days later, i was talking to one of the other friends that i had confided in about her. And i said "I wonder if she likes me?" and she went on to say "she does" but it was all he said she said, so i didnt believe it. But my heart couldnt help but leap. It was getting close to the end of the school year, and i knew i needed to tell her how i felt or it might never happen. It wasnt till the very last week of school, where i decided to write a note to her, saying all the funny coincidences that brought us together, and that she had really grown on me, and that i really liked her.

It was a monday. I had brought her a chocolate bar, that i was gonna slip the note to her with. It took a lot of courage for me to say this, but i had the perfect opportunity, where the circumstances at our lunch table had got just too funny, and we had to step away, but i asked her "do you want to go for a walk" She agreed, wanting to get out of there pretty fast. So we went outside, and sat down, and i grabbed the chocolate bar, with the note hidden behind it. She was looked at it questioningly, and i just kinda shurgged. She opened it up and read it. She smiled and let out a little chuckle. After what seemed to be a really long moment of silence, she said "well... I like you too." My heart lept higher than it ever seemed to have leeped before. We smiled at eachother, and i just happened to have my guitar with me that day. I decided to sing her the classic "Wonderwall" by oasis, and she enjoyed it. The lunch bell rang, and we walked slowly inside. When it came time to go our separate ways to class, i decided that i didnt want one of those "see ya's" and i took her in my arms, and we shared our first hug. Moving with her was the by far the slowest ive moved with any other girl. But she also seemed by far, the most worth waiting for.

And thats where my problem comes in. I have to wait till she turns 16 to make us official. It saddens me that i cant call the girl i care so much about "my girlfriend". But at the same time, i know that good things come to those who wait, and shes defenatly a great girl worth waiting for!

The last week of school just seemed to be a blur, the moments when me and her were together being the ones that stand out the most in my mind. When summer came, i knew we wouldnt see eachother much, but i knew that we would defiantly talk a lot. About a week and a half into the summer, her and her friend decided to have a get together. I was excited cause i'd get to see her, and doing that would be the high point of my summer. So we all hung out, i savored the moments that i could be close to her, and when it was sunset, we walked away, and decided to watch it.

We were sitting on a rock, holding hands, looking at the pretty sunset. It was the most amazing feeling ever, i felt like that was where i was suposed to be, i didnt want it to end. But the sun did set, and i had to go home soon after. We held eachother in our arms once before i had to depart. It was defiantly the best night i had this summer.

Since then, I've seen her once, and that didnt top our first summer meeting, but it was nice to be close to her again. I have to wait 3 more months for her 16th birthday, but it doesnt seem all that far away, shes amazing, and really worth it to me. I could see her really being the first girl i ever truly fall in love with. And i cant help but think, all the things that brought us together, was it coincidence? Or fate?


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