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      The Life Without You


It's been two years since I left my place, but still the memories of my first love still remains fresh in my heart. I could still remember the day I first meet her and its was quite the most happiest day I have  ever experience. I could still remember her smile that captivates my heart and her eyes that melts myself. How could I have said I Love her but my cowardliness interfere and so i keep this feelings to myself. Then one day i just heard from a friend that she has already a boyfriend. How my heart breaks upon hearing this and i cry as if i Lost someone important. And out of this pain I experience, I decided to enter the seminary in order to forget her and all the pains. But then i failed, my love for her still wouldn't die instead  it grows everyday of my stay in the seminary. How I dreamed of her every night and how much I longed for her. Now I resolved to my self, I will find her and tell her how much i love her....





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