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      The One and Only true Love!


Hey,I'm Kate.i'm 16 and I'm going to tell you about my true love.

His name is Slavik,He means more then anything in this world to

me..We met about 9months ago,We fell in love In less then a

month.And about 5months into your relationship..Of course we had





We would break-up for i think the longest was 2 days,But we can't

stay mad at each other..And maybe no one will ever understand

someone who can fall in love after 1month.But me and Slavik did..

And we have one of the strongest relationships i think in the whole

world.Nothing could break us-up!



And we talk about marriage everyday. And we talk about what we

are gonna name our little girl. And we picked the name ( Victoria )

Its amazing. This feeling that you know you have the love of your life

You have a true love story.Its amazing,I'm crying has i write this because

This is the most wonderful feeling in the world.And remember I'm only 16

And i have the love of my life..I think when your in you teenage years you

find your meaning in this world.And you find the love of your life and more .

Slavik is not just the love of my life. but also my best friend.



And one day soon..We are gonna get married..And I'm going to come here

And I'm going to write to you guys about the wedding. I hope you all find your true love,And always remember no matter how old you are..Or how ugly you are you have a true love! even if he lives across the world from you hes still there..And all you need to do is go out there and get him.





Good luck!

Hope to read your true love story soon!

Lots of love from me Kate + Slavik


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