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I was 14 when I met him. Surprisingly one of the first things he had said to me was, "I can't live with out you, I love you." he asked me out a couple days later, September 21, 2006. and I said yes. I couldn't believe it. He was the kind of boy who asked if he could hold my hand. it was so cute.

our first little "thing" between us was about taking over ABC because that's how we started talking, because we were acting at our lunch table and then had said we were going to own ABC.

we talked on the phone for hours, talking about everything and anything. There was never a space in between what we were talking about. at first I thought that this was going to be that, 'two weeks and then it's over' but it wasn't. we had lasted for about 4 months until we started to fight.

this is where I tell you, when you're parents tell/told you about not doing drugs you should listen to them. I used to smoke pot a lot. and he didn't like it. He hated it, it was the only thing we really fought about.

it got to the point where we broke up over it because we had fallen apart after I had actually quit, so I thought if I smoked again things would go back to normal. but us only talking about it made it worse. We got into an argument about something stupid and broke up. then the same day got back together and we were alright. but I wanted to take a break to smoke pot. well he was going to DC for a field trip. He called on the way down there and said, "I can't do this. It isn't fair to me. I'm sorry. it's over."

and it was. the same day my best friends boyfriend had broken up with her.

about a month later they had gotten back together on, May 30th.

before that, two days after he had broken up with me he got together with this girl, Sam. they were together for about a month and she was talking to her ex and they were trying to work things out. well he didn't know about this. Two days after they broke up we were talking and I had told him.

because her ex had spilled everything to me. and I couldn't take it any more. so I told him. about two weeks later he called told me, "I have something to tell you and then I'm going to hang up because I really dont want to hear your reaction. I love you and I want you back." he hung up. he called back but I was staying at my friends house so he ended up calling there. we got back together that night, June 30th, 2007.

now you know the story here's why I'm telling you this. Last night we were talking on the phone and he has said to me, "what are we going to do, wI'm graduating next year and we don't know what's going to happen. I mean I know what I want to happen. by the time you're graduating I want to have a house being built, cassandra I want to put that ring on your finger." it was amazing. I never thought someone would ever tell me that. all that was running through my head is, 'I love this kid. my god I want the same thing. he means everything to me.'

my point to this is, when you find love, son't let go of it. your teenage years could be when you find the person you can spend the rest of your life with.

I can't wait for the rest of my life. <3


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