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      Hardest part of luving


i once had a boyfriend,,at the first weeks of our relationship,he was very sweet,very kind to me...he really lets me feel he loves me a lot,but as time passes by,our relationship,instead of getting stonger,it gets colder..sometimes i may think if he still luvs me like the way i feel 4 him because he does not treat me anymore like the way i shud be.sumtimes tho im on his side,its like im not..he doesnt care anymore of me!its like im noy important anymore.we dont talk anymore as often as we do.and i cant feel anymore his love 4 me..i was very deeply hurt because of that.every nyt id always think 2 have a break-up with him but i cant because i love him so much that its so hard to let him go.i always tried to adjust on his attitude..i never gave up on him,i was the one always trying to bring back the sweetness of our relationship but it never happened..i dont know wat 2 du anymore..until such tym wen he told me he wants to have a break up with me..that was a very hard time 4 me..i didnt really know wat 2 respond 2 him..i was very depressed..i cant even concentrate anymore on my studies because id always think about how he hurted me!!i was so,so desperate that time!!i was always crying 4 months,i cud never stop thinking of him!!and after how many months of our brek-up,he went back to her gf before me..i was deeply hurt coz i heard from a friend that he blamed himself because he left his old gf before me..soin other words he also blames himself 4 having me in his lyf!!it really hurts 2 much but i cud do nothing but bt just to let it go!!the hardest part is that,i culdnt luv sumbody else becoz i still luv him very much until now!!!!


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