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      Saying goodbye


i met this guy 2 years ago...he's been my cousin's friend for a long time..we became textmates for how many months then we ended up taking care of each others life..then time lead us to the clouds of nowhere..we stop texting..stop seeing each other for how many months..he got a girl friend of his own and i got a boy friend of my own..after a long summer he sent me a little rose over and then we started texting again..he cared like no man does..he's a gentleman and good was my cousin's bithday and i texted him to come over to have a couple of bottles..after that we confessed that we have the same feelings..i was thinking that maybe it's because of the alcohol that's why we burst out saying things that should be left a secret..but before i know it we became couples and we even lasted a now were still together but i didn't know if i still love you like the way i do before..i know it would hurt him much..sometimes i do pray that you our relationship would come to an end..on our 13th monthsary were were supposed to meet early but i came late..he get very angry becaues i did it many times already..i know that hurt him so much..iam working at a call center and i'm working in graveyard shift so i ended up waking up early in the evening but were supposed to meet in the afternoon..when i came to the meeting place he wasn't there i was waiting almost in vain...and i waited a couple of minutes and he came up..he brought some flowers and cards..he even treated me for a dinner afteer that he accompanied be to my office...when i get inside he stared at me like we will never meet again..he hug me tight while saying "you take care even if i'm not around" smile and kiss me goodbye..i wasvery clueless about what's happening so i just normal..i kiss you goddbye and said i love you..when i get inside the office i read his card and it says that he's tired of the relationship..he still love me though but he just can't take it anymore..i feel sad about it until now i'm still waiting for him to get back into my life...


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