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      What a Mess


I was 15....And this guy who had lived in My Village for ages was suddenly who i wanted. I set my eyes on Him.......and I was determined to get him.

We became Mates, Was first. Then the 1st bombshell came.....hes fancied a mate of mIne. I cried for DAYS!!

Then He fancied my Bestmate......It felt like the world had ended.

BUT THEN.....We statred to meet up loads, going for walks!! It was fun until One day he changed his Tune from "Your not my Type" to "I wanted to do stuff with you" Soon our next walk it was really playful....It had never been this good. I ended up topless....N then he gave me a piggy-back n we had great fun.

We used to text most days but I always text him 1st, and now he was the one texting me!!

Then on Valentines day....HE CAME TO MY HOUSE and it was his choice. And we lost our Virginity to eachother....It was Amazing!! I was Infactuated. I remeber the feeling when he text me in the Morning asking if I was ok...HELL YEAH.

We bacame bestest mates......Texting n ringing eachother everyday. BUT...He kept having weird moments, Like "I cant have sex with you at the moment"

He was all emotional. I think it was the warning of "I DONT WANT TO LEAD YOU ON"

Then 2months later...aafter my 16th birthday, we had sex agen....on one of our walks!!

This time he didnt ask if I was ok, and he went "CANT HAVE SEX AT THE MO" afterwards again. Maybe another Hint.

We drifted apart........

A baby Scare happened.....He did care.

Paeople made us argue..And it hurt me Bad.

I began cutting myself, and he got scared...

Shut me out his life. Parently its cos he is scared and he doesnt want to make it worse by leading me on....


I cry all the Time.....

No man can compare.

And not only did Il ose My first true love...



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