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it was at a block party my friend Brandon was having.  the night before my friends Amber, Nikki and I were at a football game and we ran into my parents friends chris and nicole.  they live right down the street from us right next to brandon. i havent seen brandon in a couple years because his parents divorced and his mom left and took brandon with her. so when they told us about the big block party right by they're house because 

people used their yard too. we were all for it. so we went down there the next day and started hanging out on the swingset and the moon jump. then all these guys came over.i only knew 2 of them.Both of their names were brandon.There was Brandon pence&&Brandon nancolas.Nancolas was the one with the party.then there were a couple other guys there.Nick, Dylan&&2 other guys that i dont know their names. we all hung out and the next day me amber&&nikki went back down was us 3 and then brandon n. and nick. me and nikki liked brandon but nikki also liked nick and so did amber. so that day i ended up going out withbrandon and nikki ended up with nick.but soon after,like a month, brandon broke up with me and nikki broke up with nick.on the same dayy! then about 3 weeks later me and brandon went back out and nick went out with amber. then amber broke up with nick and later march brandon broke up with me. later i found out that nick liked me from the 1st day we met on sept.2,2006.brandons block party. he told me that he has been waiting for me ever since and the only reason he went with nikki was because brandon got to me first. then on may 30th of 07,faith finally took its course. i love him with all my heart.we had a fight about all the stuff that he was doing with my best friend and he was saying des i love you soo much,your my only,my woman my love, dream one will ever take your place.i will never dump you for another girl,cheat on you or treat like brandon did.i love you and i never want to lose you des.when he told me that i knew we would be together 14&&hes 16&&i could already see us getting married.he tells me that 2 and that he can also see us having are the best thing in my life.i cant live without you. i love you nick.


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