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      Can't Get over him, help


OK.. I'm only 16 years old, but i was in a real relationship. I was with this guy for a year and a half, his name i will not mention. Our relationship began to develop whilst he was with his previous girlfriend and she was one of my friends. She didn't treat him very well at all though and he'd often come to me for help and advice on what to do. We began to talk everyday and sometimes till early hours of the morning and I'd listen to the pain he'd have to go through. Eventually when she went on holiday we met up and realized we both liked each other a lot. We saw each other almost everyday and although we never cheated on her, it still felt wrong. When she returned he broke up with her and she realized all the bad things she'd put him through, but because he now had feelings for me, he wasn't prepared to try again.

And so our relationship started and to begin with i do believe he liked me more than i liked him. We had been dating for a week and he told me he loved me, i said i loved him too and i still believe that i did even though we only just started dating. Anyway we got closer to each other as time progressed and my love for him grew so much, that i did love him more than he loved me. I did anything for him and i was as my friends said truly "whipped". anyway as our year anniversary was getting closer things began to unravel and his feelings for me became unclear. he told me he didn't know how he felt for me and things were all messed up. I then found out another girl liked him and they had been talking a lot. This threw me into extreme paranoia and I thought he wanted to be with her, because of our situation with his previous girlfriend. Eventually we got past this stage but it was never the same after that. 7 months went by and we'd argue all the time, but my feelings never changed for him. We would have good times and I'd hold onto those memories hoping they would come back. Anyway, things were really bad so i asked for a talk, we decided a 2 week trial, if things didn't improve, we'd split up. The two weeks were hell for me, I cried everyday just wishing he would love me back. When they were up, we talked and he wanted to break up, we did. Since.. i haven't been able to forget him and he's getting together with another girl now. It's almost been 3 months and yet i still crave talking to him and i miss him wen i haven't seen him in a few days. I want to be over it all now but i cant get him out of my mind, I cant even like other guys. Do i need help? please, any advice would be appreciated.


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