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      I met him during spring break at my neighbor's house.


We were chatting online.When my ex's friend signs on. I recognized him, so i started talking to him, on my friend's address. We start off pretty good.i mean, he thought I was pretty cool. so we added each other. I went back home and still kept talking to him. I find out that he was about 2 years older than me. but i ignore that fact; i didn't expect much but a small meaningless friendship.We actually exchanged our numbers about two days later. He was really sweet and understanding.Super funny too!

In about a week, i completely fell for this guy. He was just perfect. I mean i had a boyfriend already, but we were falling apart. And this new friend knew it. He helped me through it all. We decided to meet each other at the movies. But i brought over a friend with me. I found him as soon as i got there. We watched the movie and hanged out after wards. We hugged good bye two hours later and headed home. After that,we would always have blasts with each other. We seemed to talk ALL the time!

   Then, on a Saturday, He decided to ask me out . Of course, i answered yes. He would call me three times a day: Morning, noon, and night- right before i went to sleep. Everyone knew about him. Everything BUT his age.

That was until i went on another date with him. Somehow my mother notices and keeps me away from anything that could help me get in contact with him. Somehow, i did manage to call him and tell him what's going on.I was pretty much forced to break up with him. I cried all the time for about a whole month.

We completely lost touch, but instantly talked again. We became only friends for about a whole year. That was when i asked him back out. We lasted all summer, but he had to move.

Not only that, but he seemed to have too many family problems. He couldn't give me the same attention anymore, and we had a better understanding as friends.So we decided to give it a chance some other time.

After he moved, we lost complete communication for about 2 months, again. That was when someone came up with a rumor that he died in an accident. I was so depressed. I wasn't myself anymore and just cried every time i remembered anything about him.

That was until he came up one day and tells me how sad i made him when he finds that i believed such nonsense.

I have always loved this friend...i know i will keep loving him, too.

I am now trying to keep in touch with him, even when he is making his own life. He is still my one and only first true love.

We have pretty much moved on relationships- but not feelings.


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