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      Loved and left


     I was in the 8th grade when I set eyes on the person who lead me to a hard heartbreak and a never forgetful event.  His name was Tyler, and we rode the same bus, and we never really noticed each other until about half way through the school year.  I was with a friend at the time and was looking through her phone book for people's numbers that I didn't have, and came across Tyler's number and was just curious, and text him on my phone.  He responded and that is how we started talking non-stop.  That night I didn't go to bed until 5:30 A.M. and had been texting him the whole time.  I won't go deep into detail about what was said, but will say that nothing got too sexual that night.  But next day comes around, and I was still texting him, and my friend ended up spending the night with me last night, and she was in shock that I was texting this boy that I hardly knew, but didn't say anything in front of my dad. 

     But the texting went on and I didn't have free texting at the time, I only had 200 a month, and in one night I was way over by a couple hundred.  So we came back to school and we acted normal around each other, and then he started to make moves on me, as I mentioned before, we rode the same bus, and we both would sit in the back of the bus, and he started sitting next to me in the mornings, and this particulr morning we were sitting next to each other, and he layed his head on my shoulder, and I of course liked it and felt comfortable, and I leaned my head back on his.  And so the word got around and it got to Tyler's girlfriend, which happened to be one of my friends, not one of my close friends, but just a friend, and they had been dating ever since this had occured, and at first, i had no idea that they were dating, so i didn't feel bad about it.

     So we got to texting so much that my step-mom made my it to where I had unlimited texting, but I only had that for about 5 days, and then got textig taken completly off my phone, due to the fact that I was constantly texting Tyler for 4 days straight, and had over 2,890 text messages on my phone when the phone bill came, and some of it was really sexual, and when my parents read my text messages, i not only got into a crap load of trouble, but alsogot all of my texting taken away, along with my phone for quite some time, so then I didn't have much of a way to talk to him, so we started talking more on the at school, and he would flirt with me when his girrlfriend wasn't around and he started giving me hugs at school, waiting on my at my locker, talking to me more and more,  holding my hand on the bus, and just going really far with this, and I didn't want him to not like me, so I went along with it. 

     But it all turns out that he was passing notes to one of my friends in calss, the one that i mentoned before, that spent the night with me, well, he was passing notes with her, and he had told her that everything was just a joke, and he was just leading me on, and all i am is just pretyty, and he didnt want anything to do with me anymore, and my friend gave me the note to see, and sure enough, I had a long talk with Tyler that afternoon, cussing him out, calling him names, and everything we said to each other was never forgotten. 

     It took me a good while to get completly over him, and that was only because he was my first major crush, and I thought we had something special, but really all it was, was fake. 



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