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      Maybe it's just a sophistical friendship


For You,


When I first saw you, I thought you were the spoiled-rich-kid-brat type. The funny thing is that you thought I was the arrogant average girl. Nice first impressions. But as days passed, we talked and we knew one another. And I knew that you're the typical one who craves for wisdom and love. Then, we became very good friends. We started talking about music and movies. We, too, share the same passion. After sharing different insights about music and movies that we both know, we talked about more serious topics, like friendship and relationships. I remember, I was the first person to know about the girl you got strucked to and you told me that in a very short time, you finally fell in love with her. It was okay for me then because i didn't feel anything for you that time. So we talked about her, a lot, and you told me about your tactics in approaching her. I was amazed because i even knew you more. Simply because you go crazy in front of me telling me how kilig you get whenever you talk to her. But something went wrong that lead to something i didn't expect to happen. You were loving her lesser. And that was the time you fell for my best friend. And if only you knew that it hit me like a bullet. I didn't know the reason that time but, it just hit me. Worse, whenever you had problems with her, you ask for my help. Damnation. The hurt got deeper. And then i realized, I was falling in love with you. And i kept that to myself for a long time. No one knew. But now, you're taken by the first girl you'd fallen in love to. Now, i can never have you anymore.


Until now, I'm a broken-hearted freak who still hopes that someday you'll feel that someone is loving you truly...


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