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      Love confusion


Well it started not too long ago before school had ended that i had a crush o a guy named Jared, but the thing is he didn't like me because all we ever did was just be friends.After a while a boy named Rodger came into my life and we would always hang out together outside or in. A few weeks after meeting him i liked him.


  My sister Cecilia got jealous and started liking him.  He didn't really like my sister, but i made him go out with her anyways because i thought he was too good for me.  I was wrong, it turned out that me and him still hung out even when he went out with my sister.  A couple of days later my sister got mad because he would always hang around me , so she started yelling at me and Rodger.  She even had her friends get in our faces, but that didn't stop us from being friends. 


So the next day i went to see my sister and said,"yeah i like Rodger and you can't do any thing about it because you knew i liked him. He is my friend not yours because you barley know him and he doesn't even know you. I made a mistake for making Rodger go out with you when he didn't want to. so go ahead and spit in our faces because we wont ever stop being friends."  All she did was get mad and waled away.


Later that day Rodger broke up with my sister Cecilia, and told me something that ruined me forever.  I was about to cry,  but i held it all in until he left. he told me that he was going to Dominican Republic for the summer.


After he left all i did was cry because i knew he would be gone for a long time and i wouldn't probably see him again.  Man i was so heartbroken, i mean. Come on i am only 14 and i don't like Jared anymore because at school we would always fight and kill each other with mean words.  But Rodger was the one i wanted and he is the one i want so i hope that we can be together soon.



on July19,2007 i ran into Rodger at Wal*Mart and we said hi to each other and that was about it. and we never saw each other again. i also made a promise to myself that i wouldn't love again until Rodger came back and told me that he loves me and that we would always be together for ever.


                                                        ~*~ the end ~*~ by Victoria Ashley LaRose


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