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      Abused & Alone


When I first met Tony he was everything I had ever dreamed of.

I fell in love so quickly I didn't even know what was happening. The first time I said I loved him I didn't even mean to say it. It just slipped right out of my mouth one night while we were dinning at this little Italian restaurant.

He wrote me poems, sent me 'just because' flowers, and he'd always call me 'baby girl' and beautiful... I felt like a queen, I thought my knight in shinning armor had came and rescued me.

Everyone would comment on how cute of a couple we were and I couldn't keep a smile off my face. But slowly things started to change, we started to fight, all the nice things he did ended. Then he started pushing me around, calling me fat and ugly... from there on things just got worse and worse and now there's nothing that I do that he doesn't hate, to him everything I do and say is wrong. He looks up porn on the computer and tells me 'who would want to look at your ugly ass?'.

I feel like my beating heart was just taken from my chest and crushed. I still feel that way now. My so called 'Romeo' took me away from my friends and family, and left me in debt and alone.

Nothing hurts worse than loving someone and trusting someone to have it all just fall apart right in-front of your eyes and there's nothing you can do.. but watch.....

Heart Broken & Alone


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