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      We were only kids when we met.


I was fourteen when I first met her, 8th grade I believe, she was in my English class and I had just move to that school district. It was the summer after the 1984 Olympics and my family had gone California just for that event. Well of course the first day of school everyone in class had to say how the summer went, what they did, give there name you know all that stuff in front of the class. Well me being the new kid all eyes were on me and I was so shy, but I remember this one girl in particular just staring at me. She loved sports so much and when I said that I had been to the Summer Olympics her beautiful green eyes lite up like no other I had ever seen. These eyes I will never forget. I had a crush that started that day and has been with 22 years. Well that following year I got invited to South Padre Island with some friends, keep note I was only 15 at this time. Well by fate or something higher up, the girl with the greens eyes happen to be there too. Well the drive to S. Padre took 16 hours to get there from north Texas. Well she had a boyfriend who was there and I had a girlfriend who fortunately stay home. Well me and her had spotted each other and my heart just fell. Needless to say we hooked up. Now you asking what happen to her boyfriend, well she broke up with him. Anyways we spent the rest of the time together kissing and walking the beach together at night. Granted at that age kissing is just as for as we would go. But I was in Heaven she was so wonderful here green eyes pierced through me like no other. Well of course we get back to the reality and her boyfriend is across the street from my girlfriends house and has told her about everything that has happened. My girl ends it with me and that is that. Needless to say we never get together again, but it was such a great memory. After graduation we all remained friends and she ended up marring her boyfriend that was mentioned earlier. I had married another girl from high school too. Now here comes the good part, 22 years later I am surfing the Internet and I stumble across this profile, it says she has been divorced twice and has three beautiful children. And what  coincidence me too twice with three children only to find out it's her the one with the green eyes. All of the sudden I feel like I did 22 years ago. Of course I contacted her. Well she came and stayed with me. When I first set eyes on her after all this time it was like she had always been here. I was so comfortable I felt like we had picked up right where we left off. Amazing how things happen in life. She lives five hours from here and all I can think about is when she is coming back to me.


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