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      Liar Liar


I have a girlfriend who is the most amazing person I have ever met and I love her more than anything on planet Earth, but my girlfriend can get extremely jealous at times. Sometimes just me talking to another girl could send her into a mood.


She was away for the week and I was invited to an ex girlfriends birthday party who I was still friends with, but I couldn't tell my girlfriend that I was going to go to an ex girlfriends party without her because I knew she would spend the night upset and jealous. So when she asked what I was doing that night, I didn't want her to spend the night feeling lonely and jealous, so I told her that I was staying home that.


From the second I lied to her I felt bad, sick even. I spent the entire time at the party feeling awful and I have never missed her so much in my life.


I knew that when she returned I had to tell her the truth. So I did and told her that I lied to her about staying home and that I went out to my ex girlfriend's birthday party. She was upset that I lied to her as she should have been. When she asked why I did it, I tried to explain that I was trying to protect her and didn't want her to spend the night being upset and letting herself jump to conclusions, but she just replied with "Well if you had told me you were going, I admit I would have been a bit jealous, but it feels a hundred times worse knowing that you lied to me".


She asked "How could you lie to someone you love?" I replied, "I lied because I love you, to protect you" but that doesn't excuse how I scared our relationship.


We have never been the same since what happened. I made the biggest mistake of my life and I've payed for it.


The moral of this story is: No matter how bad the truth hurts, the pain is nothing compared to telling a lie to the one you love.


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