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      True Love


Once upon a time there was this girl named Isabel her life was like any others just normal until her friends introduced her to a youth pastor from west phoenix Baptist church. Isabel kept going to that church besides that every person there was white and all they did was be races to her and her friends just because they were not white but Mexicans. This Wednesday after church they were all playing a game called ditch-em. Isabel and her friends were hiding under the school buss and this kid named Anthony found her and told her that he was Mexican too and did not have to be afraid. Anthony was not only Mexican but also white. Since that night Isabel had not talked to him until the church had a program for kids while they were in vacations. Isabel and Anthony and some other youth offered to help out. That was when Isabel and Anthony started to become really good friends. Isabel was starting to have feelings for him but the problem was that she was dating his brother. Even though Isabel did not like him everyone else thought she did even including Anthony.

Isabel was devastating she did not know what to do. The other problem was that Anthony had a girlfriend named Jessica but the difference was that they had been dating for a year. That is why Isabel thought he would never leave her to date her. Time passed Anthony’s brother dumped her because he said she always spend time with him and also he didn't really care it wasn't just a piece of pussy to him. Then Anthony dumped his girlfriend. Jessica was broken into pieces all she did was blame Isabel and talk mad things about her to her friends. Like she was a hoe and other mad female talking. After a while Anthony told Isabel how he felt about her and asked her out. Isabel was not sure of what to say because she felt bad because she had dated his brother. Isabel was confused but she knew she liked him and was starting to fall in love with him. Isabel decided and said yes to him. Time passed and the first eight months were great until he started to get jealous bout everything and just insult her. Isabel was not all good either she also insulted him. After I month she talked to him and let him know they both needed to change if they wanted to keep on having a relationship together.

Now Isabel and Anthony are doing great and have a year together.


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