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      I want him to stay...


i met this guy through the best friend of my ex. we met just a day after we broke up in a mall in the downtown area. i was shouting actually inside the mall and saying things so stupid about him. i hated him for cheating on me, he had other girlfriend besides me. it hurts like hell after the girl send a message on my cellphone trying to tell me that she's the girlfriend of my boyfriend. i was in a food chain that time and i was crying so hard there.


after we broke up i decided not to be serious in my future relationships. just as i met this person whom i fell in love with. i was not attracted to him and i only found myself wanting him.


it started when we hang out in a bar in a newly open establishment. we got drunk and started dancing. i was so astonished when he kissed me. i didn't mind at first just a sort of my way to forget the pain i felt for my ex. we were together til dawn and he decided that we were going to his place. in a boarding house owned by their family, we stayed there for the whole night and were getting to know each other deeply than i expected. its so weird to think that the day after that night he's my boyfriend already. i was not planning to get serious with him. all i wanted to happen is to use him to forget my past love. he said he was serious but i don't believe him. how can he said that knowing that I'm a total stranger to him.


it's been three weeks since we've know each other but i only found out that i was totally in love with him. but I'm afraid that one day he'll be leaving me for nothing. don't want to lose him. but it feels like that he's over me. i mean he was not that interested with me same as he was before. i don't know hat will happen but i prayed that he'll going to stay with me. i love him so much and i will everything to make him stay.


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