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Well where to start...


oh yes i remember it was 5 and a half years ago.. i met a man a wonderful man handsome, strong and wise.. i was only 18 we fell in love wow what a magical feeling.. this feeling was short lived as i found out he was still in love and contact with his ex girlfriend as we discussed it i decided to trust him and so life went on.. it was exactly 5 years later that everything fell apart, he just decided that he now needed space those words burnt into my brain.. i am not in love with you anymore after 5 years of looking after this man being there with him through thick and thin he was my first love and yes my first sexual partner.. i thought we were going to get married and have a family.. my heart was broken.. i feel into grief i lost 8kgs at this point i was weighing 44kg i felt sick at the thought of him yet my heat was yearning for him.. the only comfort people could give me was everything happens for a reason.. oh how i hated those words they got to go home to their husbands , boyfriends, girlfriends or wives.. i had to go home to an empty flat climb in an empty bed have no one to share my day with.. i lived on sleeping tablets to just try make the day go by a little more easily and calmly having the emotions rushing through my body feeling OK then hitting an all time low of bursting out crying in front of absolute strangers that have no idea what is wrong with me.. but then came the day i had to take a trip to another province if you don't know what that is its a state.. the first night i arrived there i met the love of my life he swept me off my feet there was an immediate connection when you just know that this is the right person this was the last thing i was expecting to happen.. so at least my story ends on a good note i am now engaged to be married and so happy its only been 4 months since my break up but like everyone kept on telling me everything happens for a reason.. and my ex is now involved with another woman after he said oh so clearly that he need space to be on his own i never believed for a second.. but i wish him the best and from time to time i do think of him after all we spent 5 years together but i thank him for letting me meet my husband im one of the lucky ones to find two soul mates in one lifetime... so if you in this predicament it is not worth taking your life your prince or princess is waiting to find you out there just be careful to not be to blind..


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