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      My place I go


There is a place that only exists in my mind; I go there to get away from the world. Itís my place, where I can go to cry; in this place there is no one to judge me. In this place my heart and soul aches, I wish I didnít have to go there, I wish this place didnít exist, but it does and it must, because I canít let you see me cry not one single tear, not anymore not like before. God it hurts like hell, I donít want to go but I know must. Its not the same, the love we had has gone away, I always say to myself it will be back again one day, those days have come and gone, and yet it still remains the same, My one day will never come. I always use to think maybe its just me, maybe Iím to blame, so I tried my hardest to be the person you wanted me to be, but that didnít work and yet I still try to make you happy, I donít know why. I lost myself along the way, the me you fell in love with. I donít even know who I am anymore and I donít know who I should be. I use to look into your eyes and I could see the love you felt for me, now I look into your eyes and all I see is emptiness where my heart use to be. I donít want to cry anymore, I wish this pain would go away I wish you could love me like you did before, I wish it could be like it used to be. But that was so long ago, we were so young then, and now that weíve grown older weíve grown apart. But you know what I got the best part of you and I look into her eyes everyday and thank the good lord that sheís ours. Sheís my heaven and thereís nothing in this world that I wouldnít do for her and I also know the same can be said for you. God I love you so much, but I donít think Iím in love with you anymore. I wish I could say this all to your face, but I canít so here it will remain on a piece of paper to be thrown awayÖ


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