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      how it all happened..


There were 2 more days to the last day of school. We could have our yearbooks signed full of autographs from our friends. I stood in front of him for 2 minutes, and he walked away, i wanted to chase after him and say, "i love you, sign this for me." but i just couldn't. he looked at me with those beautiful eyes and that cute smile. i couldn't resist but smile.


he lived very far, in Shen Zhen. he got on his van with his friend, his friend's sister, and his brother. i saw them leave and that black van. i stayed at school really hoping for him to come back and give me the courage to ask him to sign. i couldn't believe my eyes. he really came back from the van. back to school. back from the big black gates. passed the lockers. and up the stairs. i was in the e-library. i was actually looking at him from the table.


i saw him run around. but he didn't see me. come to think of it, i actually thought he as looking for me. but i just didn't have the guts to go up to him. he left again. and my heart became empty. i started to cry.


the following night, i was on MSN, and so was he. i started to talk to him. and i said, "hey man! you didn't sign my yearbook yet!" and then he said, "i know. i sign tomorrow" i laughed since he said 'i sign tomorrow' he was Korean. so, i guess his English wasn't very good.


the next day, i brought my yearbook too. i saw him in the morning, then afternoon, then after school. for the whole day, i didn't have 1% of guts or chance to get him to sign my yearbook. i sighed as i watched him get on his van again and went home.


today was the last day of school. he's in grade eight. so i wont be able to see him often next year. and i can't believe i missed the chance. i cried instantly. i miss him so much. it summer time. and i can't get him out of my mind. i want to know where he is. but i guess that would be impossible. he's probably in Korea by now. to him : i love you. and i miss you.


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