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      My Wish ...For Alec


When you stopped by to give me and another guy a lift into


I was awe- struck by your kindness and your social


I thought about you and prayed our paths would cross


And lo and behold I saw you again the very day at

Avondale ..

But alas you were on the phone so I couldn’t even get your


So I hoped I would see you again , I even waited on the

very spot

That I was standing on the day you gave me a lift but I

never saw you

Then one day when I wasn’t even stopped

and I saw you again.

I was excited as I jumped into your car..we chatted and

well we discovered

That we knew each each other, had been in the rowing

club ...about ten years ago in high school.. and were both

the coxswains on our respective rowing crews…and yet we

never spoke then......

You were so kind and even took me all the way to my

workplace even though it was out of the way for you. ….and

I was happy when we exchanged numbers.

Then I saw you again yesterday and have been wondering why

our paths in life have crossed.

Now I am wondering if its just coincidence , or its just

one of those things .

Have I met you now because you are my soulmate?

Have I met you because you are a potential business


Or have I met you because you the father of my children?

I am asking this but I know you cannot answer my


Only God alone can tell …and yes time will also help tell.

In the mean time I will just sit and wait and wish ….


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