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      when our hearts finally meet


it's me again....the one who wrote that really long paragraph about my neighbor....well i'm very confused because everyday i'm falling more and more in love with him and nobody seems to understand just what i'm going through. You see i'm only 14 and so in love it's not even funny and with my neighbor. I've known him since i was 6 and we used to be best friends but as we grew older we started to grow apart because of how much i liked him and people in school making up stuff about us and i cry all the time just thinking about all our great memories together but now i think he's finally starting to like me back a lot but he's doing some things he shouldn't be doing and i don't want to date someone doing not so great things but i'm not positive of what he's doing but i have an idea. I don't want him to get hurt because if i lost him i would just die. Everyday i worry he's going to do something that's going to make him very very sick and i just can't bare to see him in pain. i know now that he's the one, i feel it in my bones and i can see my future with him but if something happens to him i will have no future because there is nobody else in this world for me. I just want him to do all the right things and be the best he can be but his idol is someone who doesn't do the best of things and well, he looks up to him and does almost everything he does. I find myself frustrated a lot lately and i thinks it's because i don't understand why he can talk to a girl who he's never met before and give her all the attention in the world but he cant even talk to someone he's known for more then half his life but maybe it's just because he's shy and likes me back but i don't know and i'm starting to think there's something wrong with me. i just want to know what it's like to fall in love with someone i really do truly love and be in a strong relationship with. people say i'm to young to know what love is but oh no trust me i know better then anyone else my age does. my best friend likes this boy who she's talks to all the time on myspace and he talks to her back and they talk on the phone all the time and i envy how much they love each other because i just really want that and i'm happy for her and i always will be but for once i want to experience true love with this boy that i will always love forever. i think i just deserve a fair chance. yesterday morning i got a letter from my secret admirer through a crush count on myspace and the typing sounded just like his and i just really really want it to be from him because what the person wrote was beautiful and it would mean everything to me if it was from him. i guess i should end this with i think were both falling in love with each other but just don't know how to start a relationship but i think we will find each other eventually(=.


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