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I remember that day clearly. The first time i set my eyes on my 1st love. I was only 16 and i was studying at a Boys school. I was sitting in my room one day when i heard a few people arguing. I came outside and saw two sets of girls from two different schools My mother was ill in hospital and on my mind was nothing but pain and agony.


One of the girls picked up a tool to hit the other girl. I ran in between to stop the fight and told the girls with the tools to hit the highway. The girls who were left traumatised thanked me and i could see the appreciation in their eyes.


A couple of days later, i received an email from X, the girl i always had a crush on. She wrote "Thank you for helping my friends the other day. If u don't mind, can we be friends?" I was over joyed with the email. We continuously emailed each other for about 6 months and then finally exchanged numbers. Back then it was a big thing chatting on the phone and texting each other.


We got  to know each other inside out and the funny thing is, we both had no bad intentions. I respected her with my heart and vice versa. i bumped into her a few times after school but never had the guts to look at her eye to eye.


After our GCSE's we both went to the same college..This is were the drama happened.  I was a very very popular guy at college, always in a large crowd and never was seen alone. I became one of those people who just stood out from the rest. Everyone wanted to know me! Me and X at this point were in love with each other, but the relationship was extremely innocent. No touching and no kissing!! We finally broke the ice and we started dealing. Her friends became extremely ANNOYING and began interfering in our lives. They always wanted to know what was happening.


My friends became friends with her friends which was the biggest FUCK up of my life. 


Firstly, Her friends started to go through her messages. Then came the first complaint that i was a control freak. When i was seen talking to another girl in college, her friends use to jump to the chance to make up SHIT and tell a completely different story to my X. My own boys turned their back away from me and teamed up with her Friends...WHY?? To earn their trust. The 2year relationship was on the rocks and our conversations turned into arguments. Finally, she told me its over. And that was the end!!


It has been 5years since we split and i cant forget her. Im 21 now and ive been out with over 15 girls since the split. Ive had and done everything but im still lonely and crave for her. I miss her so much and have seen her

a few times. But she completely blanks me. My boys are still there, but in my heart i will never forgive them and i have never brang the topic up to them.


With Love,





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