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      Miltary and a love story




''   Love-the constellation of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and or profound oneness.....


    Destiny/Fate-an event or course of events that will eventually happen in the future.




     Well my story is typical.A young girl who in involved with an older guy.

Nine years older.Everyone had the same thoughts.Although not everyone said something,we saw the looks we were given.No one understood.No one cared.We were fighting the battle alone in love and life.


      It all started during the summer of my freshman year in high school.I went North to Indiana to live my Mom.

My Brother had a friend who lived with us so we were always together.We started forming our relationship when i was fifteen and he was twenty-four.It was a summer full of love,friendship,and party's.After that summer everything changed.


    He was shipped off into the war.I spent the next four years waiting.

Waiting for a letter.Waiting for a visit.Maybe even waiting for a heartbreak.

Just waiting for the love i let go to come back.

  It was tough to get through high school,but after 3 years i graduated with a 3.4 g.p.a.I one year of beauty school to finish be for we could start our life together.


   Half way through my freshman year in beauty school

 his general called.He said,"Hes down..There's not much hope for survival.Hes been shot in the chest."In tears i raced down to the airport and got a two way ticket to Iraq.It took 37 hours but i was there.I sat up for 9 days with him.

He barely pulled through but he made it and left on the tenth day.


     Two years later i was twenty-one and he was thirty.We got married and have been married for three years.And have a baby boy on the way.We're

nameing him Kourt after the doctor that saved my husbands life.


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