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      Can I really be your friend after all?


I'm in love with my best friend. I've loved him forever. We were together at one time... well.. a lot of times actually. Through thick and thin he was always there.

It's hard to talk to him, without saying I Love You... or I Miss You. He's happy with someone else now probably, Well I still miss him. We fight a lot, and I really don't know why. All I want to do is be with him forever, yet I can't and it pains me to think of all our plans that we made for the future "us."

He tells me he doesn't want to lose our friendship, but then I think... Can I really be friends with you? I love you more everyday. I think I've lost him forever. There's no one in the world for me, but him, This I know.

I go to bed thinking of him. He's the love of my life, yet I can't stand talking to him because I know when we say Good-Bye, He won't say...I Love You.

Maybe someday he'll know why I can't be friends with him .

This is for him.... my love.


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