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Back in 1990 i went on holiday with my parrents,this was to lead to my first and last holiday romance!

At the 15 i thought he was mr perfect.After he flew back to england with his family,i had another week of our holiday left.All i wanted to do was go home to see if he had contacted me, sure enough there lay letters from my holiday romance.He came down to vist that xmas and things moved further along!He lived 100 miles away and at 15 that felt like 2000 miles\away!

After staying in touch for about 4 years he got on with his life and i mine.I got married and had a little girl then my dad told me a man had phoned asking for me, by naw i had my own home,so dad noted the number he called on and gave it to me.I didnt know who it was but i talked to my husband and he said it would be ok to ring it!When i heard his voice i knew who it was my mr perfect!

I told him i was married with a daughter and he explained he just wanted to see how me and my family were.

2 monthslater we met up after 7 yrs!it was great to see his friends and family again and he got to know my new family.

Then things went wrong he told me he loved me and asked me to move away with my daughter to be with him!

My marriage has never been the best in the world but my daughter and i are both well looked after.I told him i still loved him as i do to this day.3 years on he has a little girl but has split with the mother!He wont speak to me wont meet me,all because i didnt go with him.I love him so much but after trying to find where he lives,knocking doors ive had no luck!1990 will be a year i will never get over!He is on my mind 24-7 always will be.x


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