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      The Phone Call I Almost Didn't Make.


So I had just gotten out of a relationship with a guy who didn't care, and I needed to have a little fun.  So I called one of my really great friends, and we decided to go to Chicago for the day, well we were trying to find the train station, but we couldn't.  As I was thinking of who to call to find the train station a name popped into my head, Evan, this guy has helped me before when I got lost.  The only problem was that he's my ex's best friend, so I didn't think I should call, I came really close to not, but I did.  And he answered.  So he gave me directions like a nice guy would do, and then we hung up the phone. 

Now when I got back from Chicago, I was driving home, and I decided to call him and thank him, but he didn't answer this time.  I didn't think much of it, until he called back.  We talked and I thanked him for giving me directions, and then we decided to meet somewhere (completely coincidentally), just so that we could hang out for a little bit and catch up.  Well then we decided to go back to my house, and talk.  We ended up talking for about five and a half hours.  We really connected, and it was Amazing!  We ended up walking around the town holding hands, and when we kissed there was so much energy.  I mean it wasn't even deep or passionate, it was meaningful and surreal.  With something so small it gave off so much electricity, it was something I'd never felt before, and apparently neither had he, because our hearts were beating equally as fast.  Then we just laid outside in the grass underneath the night sky, which unfortunately wasn't that great, but still beautiful all the same.

I never thought I would fall so hard and fast for someone that I only called to get directions from.  The thought never came to mind that when I truly wasn't looking I found someone that ended up being everything I ever wanted.  The first person that I'm willing to put so much commitment and effort into, and through all the talks we've had, he's told me that he feels the same way about me that I do about him.  Someone really had a hand in it, when I got lost trying to find the train station, and when I pressed SEND!


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