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      So much pain...


I dont know how to begin these, but i guess from the start would be good. I met this guy june2000 and after 2 months we started dating. Things at first were okay until after a couple of months that his acting as if he doesnt want me around. I did everyhting for him, give him money, make his assignments, thesis, buy him clothes, cellphones and stuff. But still he left me. I decided to move on and forget about him. I said I dont want to be his friend because it could only bring back the feeling. But he said we can still be friends. So my feelings for him came back. I gave him my virginity, because i thought by that i could have him back. But i was wrong. During my four years in college, he never asked me back. But he will just come to me if he wants something or he wants us to have sex. My friends keep on telling me to move on and just simply forget about him and ignore him. But I just cant. Until 2004 when I found out I was pregnant. I dont want him to know at first but when i found out he has a girlfriend, i decided to tell him thinking if he founds out he will asked me to marry him.

But i was so damn wrong. He asked me if i can abort the baby becasue he's not yet ready. But i stand strong and told him if he doesnt want to have the baby i'll keep it for myself. Then things change again and he said he'll support the baby, but he doesnt want to marry me because he doesnt love my anymore. Three years passed all those years he's providing everything. Until 2 weeks ago, he just stopped calling, texting or even visiting my son. All stopped. It hurt me so much, thinking after what he did to me before, now he has the face to hurt my baby. I promise myself this is the last time his going to hurt me.


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