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      The pain lives on


Love seemed so strong and had come through so many hardships that I was sure it would last forever. Then twelve months ago I discovered my husband was having an affair. This didn't stop me loving him, if anything it made me more aware of my love. I told him I forgave him, promised we could put it behind us, but insisted that I wouldn't share him. After 16 years I was sure he would turn round and start to work with me to put things right.

Instead he started seeing other women and walked out and left me and our three boys. I was devastated and am still trying to recover from the shock. In the last six months I have had to find a fulltime job, uproot the boys and myself and move 300 miles. I've been to counseling with him and have kept re-iterating my love for him. But still he lives apart and visits the children weekly. Each time he leaves, the wound is opened up again and I feel that I will never get over the pain.

I still love him and want our marriage to work.

Hope lives on through it all.


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