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      I still love him and always!!!!!


Well my best friend in the whole world hooked me up with her brother and I love her for it! He was the greatest guy EVER or so I thought....I told him everything,I even told him when I cheated on him. I felt so bad about it because I didn't want the other guy to kiss me but he did! I told my boyfriend the whole story and yes it was the truth and he didn't get mad. I loved him so much!!!! He was great sweet,caring,loving,understanding,nice, a great listener and I LOVED HIM!!!!! I even gave up my virginity to him. He was everything to me. Even though everyone tried to break us up we stayed together. When he first told me that he loved me I was so excited because he had never told one of his girlfriends that before!!!!! After 3 months I figured we were going to be together for a long time!!!! 4 months came around and we were still together and I was so happy!!!!!!! Right before our 4 month anniversary is when we finally had sex. He told me that he loved me and said that he wouldn't leave me after he got what he wanted and he didn't for about 2 weeks. He even told me that if something would happen and I would end up pregnant that he wouldn't bail and he would take care of the baby because he loved me and he would love it.

Today 6/22/2007 I got a call from this skanky girl who likes him, she told me that he said it was over and that she was dating him now. So I called him and asked of course he told me that it was all a lie,but said he had to go because he was sick.He told me to call back in 5 minutes,so I did and when his grandma answered she said he went outside. I tried to call several times but they have caller id. He would pick up the phone and hang up on me. Then I got smart and did *67 to block the call his grandma answered again and said that he wasn't home. He even had her lying for him. I called his sister and asked her to call him, he told her that he was dating the other skanky girl Katie, but guess what he was still dating me!!!!!

I've been calling him every half hour since 3:00 so he could tell me himself that it was over because I didn't want to hear it from his NEW girlfriend!

Guess What it's 10:54 and he still hasn't got the balls to call and say that it's over!

Yeah I may say all this mean stuff about him but I STILL LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH


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