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      Is this lust,love, or just plain crazy!


Just another day in the country. awaking on the sun shining against my face. The thought of him is with me day in and day out. you would think I just met this guy, but we have been in a love affair for 17 years.  He has never truly been mine, all mine. every time we see each other its like the first time we met. I feel like a kid in a candy store for the first time every time we see each other. I know I am in love with him, but the questions remains is he in love with me. Yes he is married now and has been for some time now. but I am with him more than his wife,well at least it feels that way. He practically had part in raising me to my adult hood. he portrayed the father figure in my life. He is the most romantic man I have ever met. he woes me, compliments me, get the door for me, kisses me with such sensuality, and always tells me no one can make him feel this way but me . you would think things would have slowed down by now but I still light up like a candle when he calls me and i still burn down like a candle burning when he touches me. I just can't say no to him not that i want to. at the same time i am in a relationship with some one. No matter what the situation is I will still keep loving him for eternity.


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