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This isn't really a love story.. but it is sad and i thought i might as well share it..

I kind of liked this guy, and when i heard he liked me back i was pretty happy =)

and after talking to him on IM and getting to know him, he told me he liked me and vice versa. After a few weeks he asked me out.

He seemed to be head over heals, apparently he talked about me alot to his family members and relatives, friends, etc. He wrote that he loved me all over every desk in school, every train and bus he went on, on his arms, on his school books, everywhere. I liked him, but it was just a crush and i got kind of freaked out.

I was kind of shy around hi because we weren't really friends before going out so it was abit awkward, i wasn't really my self around him. I'm usually a loud and witty person that jokes alot.. sometimes in a nasty way.. but never seriously.. bnut when i was around him i was so nice, quiet and polite, it was weird and awkward and i didn't like it.

On christmas he gave me so many presents and i felt so guilty. i gave him stuff too.. but his present was well over $100, maybe even $200 which is heaps for year 9.

In the end i knew i had to break up with him because i hated not being able to be myself around him, i wanted to be with someone as myself, not as some quiet person. i though that i would break up with him, then become friends with him, once we were close friends then perhaps it could work.

He didnt take the breakup very well.. he didnt tell anyone about it for weeks, not even his closest friends. He used to go on MSN every single night, but he has only been on twice in the last 6 months since the breakup, if i come on while hes on, he goes off.. if my group of friends is sitting with his group of friends, he will go sit with other randoms rather then sitting near me.. he hasnt uttered a single word to me for an entire 6 MONTHS

it gets me very depressed till this day, i just wish that tom would talk to me =(



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