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      A painful gift for my Love


This is my story of a simple pure gift I didn't know I was giving:


The most beautiful woman around was my dear love as I eagerly met the newcomers to help us start up a new hotel mid Spring 2006.  My eyes went directly to her as she was breathtaking.  She was mature beyond her 23 years.  I greeted all of them but her introduction was impactful.  The days ahead I admired her daily as I would pass by and her smile made my heart flutter inside.  Her eyes could melt any man's heart and did mine.  Anytime she was in the room my eyes would smile, the cafeteria, the ballroom, the hallway, the front desk, the back office, the parking lot, social settings in and outside work.  Her beauty would make me so intimidated I could rarely strike up the most mundane conversation for most of the year as I admired her from a distance. 


My administartive assistant was ready for a move and her name was mentioned as a replacement.  I prayed to God that day she would be interested and she would take the job.  Hardly anyone was interested but her.  I was so nervous in the interview as she sat across my desk unaware of her affect on me...totally unaware!  She started working with me in February and confirmed in my mind her brilliant intellect and sweet personality.  It was all business for about 40 days when she would send thought provoking e-mails about whether I liked her and her interest in me.  That's all it took as every chance I had I flirted with her as an innocent schoolboy would.  Talking about things other than work.  She had a trip to Florida one long weekend and that propelled me to find her cell # and give her a call and tell her jokingly but seriously "don't go away!"  She called me back immediately and asked where I found her # because she never gave it to me.  I proudly told her I was looking for 10 minutes in the company computer.  Later she would tell me she smiled ear to ear after she got my call.  During her trip we would e-mail each other constantly telling each other we could not stop thinking about one another.  It was along weekend and when she got back she asked me out for a drink and we met each other daily after work for the entire week.  I was falling in love!!!  She was falling in love!!!  We were both married.  She in a short loveless marriage no kids me in a longer 2 children marriage. 


Everything about my dear I love and I will always love.  I didn't expect or seek any of this but it came as fast as 6 weeks and I knew she had taken my control of my heart.  She was the lady I would love to grow old with!


It could not be.  Just yesterday after 3 weeks of days/ night in each other arms reality hit us and told us this could not be.   It was a most painful night with her beside me knowing this would be the last night in the same bed.


My heart cries out to her today and for the rest of my life.


My dear, I love you like nothing else in the world and will pass this earth with your memories in my heart and mind.


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