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      what happens next?


 it all started when i was about the end of 5th grade....

it was summer time and my dad was a pastor so i was supposed to be the girl the never gets in trouble. well one Sunday this boy walks in. i had seen him around before and felt nothing. he is about a year older than me. i  had never noticed him before. well this particular Sunday he walked in and i thought my heart was going to pop out of chest. i was like i'm not in love i don't even like the guy?! well a couple of years later 7th grade to be exact we are in the same school. i ask my daddy if i could have a youth group at my house and he says sure. so i have this youth group at my house Friday nights its for 7-12 grades. well, Chris  was this guys name i am and still in love with. well he started showing me ho to play basketball better. one night we were out there by ourselves and we  are the last to left from youth group.  i picked up the ball and hes like traveling oh that's really bad traveling and he picked me  up by the waist. i was so about a year l8r he didn't really talk to me much when other girls are around. then he was always flirting with a girl named Brittany.well one time at youth group my dad Chris and John his best fried were in the kitchen talking. the game we were going to play was the circle game where you go around saying one nice thing about the person next to you. well it happened i was sitting next to him not really i was on a stool and he was on the floor. and on my other side was a girl named shelbi. well i said he was a good basketball player hen it came his time he was just laughing, laughing so hard my dad said were just going to skip him and he's like no no i have to do this. so he says i'm his sweet cupcake. and everyone laughs. well later i hear him say to some girls.. they are like why'd you say that? he like i didnt' really mean it but don't tell Liz that okay? well that night i went to bed crying. within the next week i find out the only reason he said that as because my dad said he'd pay chris 5$ to call me a sugar muffin. ooh i was so mad at my dad he was supposed to be a pastor not hurt people. well for some reason i still like chris. but its now like2 years l8r. and i have moved. he hadn't been at church for my months i never got to tell him good-bye. and know my hearts broke. i used to cry but not anymore. im just wondering what ill happen next?


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