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      best days ever


  It started last Sunday, I went to work super happy, unlike normal, and did  my job. i then came back from my breaks and saw someone with a neat guitar i asked him where he got it, and he told me from my game. i was like i didn't know we had those. then we talked for like an hour or two til he had to leave he said he would be back the next day but lots of people had said that to me.

  Well, the next day i was really in doubt that he would come back, but part of me was hoping he would. that day i took a two hour lunch break and came back. no one had come by for me so i made up my mind that he wouldn't return. the next thing i new i saw someone walk by and thought it was him but i wasn't sure. Next a lady asked me to fix one of the games so i had to get the key from the other guy. i went to get the key and saw it was the guy who was there the day before. he looked at me with a big smile and said i told you I'd be back. i just smiled and was like yep. and went to fix the game. he then talked to me for 45 mins when it was time for my 10 min break. i ended up losing track of time and was and hour and 45 mins late oops! luckily nobody noticed. then he stayed adn talked to me for another 20 minutes until he had to leave. before he left he told me he would be back again because ha HAD to see me before going back to Sandiego oh i live in LasVegas by the way. well i highly doubted that he would be back i mean it was lmost midnight. well i got to clock out early and walked around then i saw my coworker looking lost while fixing a game so i talked to him, justst then the guy i had been talking to was right next to him wearing different clothes. he looked at me and smiled, thats when i got the biggest case of  of butterflies i had ever gotten. we then talked until midnight my ride was leaving we said by like 12 times before we actually parted. he kissed my cheek and we swapped numbers and myspaces. i just wish something could happen with this. i beleive im goin to visit him soon. :]]





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