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      my love and i, our story unlike others


we've been together for 2 yrs, it started out that we were just friends but later on we ended up together. so it started out my junior year when i first met him, but i was dating some other guy, i didn't notice him that much because i was with someone else, plus he was just my friend, but surprisingly enough i started to crush on him but never told him anything, plus my other friend had liked him. it gets pretty complicated from their. but a year later my senior year, i was single, fresh and had nothing to stop me. i enjoyed being single but then wanted someone too. i was missing that someone special in my life, sure i was talking to other guys whom i liked but I'm pretty picky on the guys i like, other than that, the guy i crushed on well he liked me back and i knew it but there was this whole issue on the Friend.. so i kept my distance.. i had been talking to this other guy a couple years older than me, who i liked a lot.. but it didn't really work out b/c the age difference.. and so we remained friends.. and i talked to another guy but he led me on and i found out that he didn't like me the way i liked him.. and i felt kinda sad but i moved on.. my "friend" whom i secretly crushed on well lets just say i couldn't hold it no more and i just told him one spontaneous day.. that i liked him.. and he was shocked.. i was surprised too because i didn't think he liked me anymore since one time i asked him and he said he didn't.. any way.. we got together the end of my senior year, he was a junior so he still had a whole year left. it was like magic.. like something you'd only see in the movies.. and surprisingly he was my first kiss and first true love and still is.. well that year was truly romantic, we went on so many dates and movies and what not, we told each other we loved each other so many times i don't remember. i told him i loved him first in a funny way but he said it also. its been great together, but sadly.. we've been going through somethings, that honestly have hit a rough patch of our 2 yr relationship.. a year later after we got together, we became very close .. and this was a 3 months after our 1 year anniversary.. not to mention he asked me to marry him.. I'm young i said yes but not right now, maybe in a future..even though i am young i know what love is and so does he, i take a long time to love someone and i know i love him, well our love has been postponed folks.. only one of them don't like me.. at all his mom likes me a lot and we've been secretly having to see each other... its been a crazy story, sorta like romeo and Juliet when the folks don't like each other.. but were still together bearing out this journey, the point of the story is that we love each other.. even though we've been going through this heartache.. i love him so much.. til this day. so right now i live day by day praying that our love can once come together and we can fix all the problems between our families so that they see how much we love each other and understand what it is like to be torn between love and family.


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