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      Does he really love me or at least like me


Well i like this guy, he lives near me, when first time i saw him to my he was like other guy but day after day i was falling for him and i' am going crazy.

me and my friends always playing basketball in the basketball court and thats how i am in love with him, some people say that love is very strong word and kids cant understand the word LOVE.

so me and my mates were sitting on the grass and HE was playing football with his friend when he scored the goal he was running around he was showing of. he is the biggest show off . but some of his friends dont like him and they say all this bad stuff about him that he only dates girls for one day or two but iam trying to get over him but it doesnt help i dont know what to do. one day he went to holidays so i was geting over him little by little but when he came home from his holidays I just coudnt stop thinking about him. so now i like him more than ever but the worst thing is that i am moving and i dont know what to do. i was trying to tell him my fellings but iam to scared i just dont know what to do!!!!!! but my friend told me that he like me too but i dont believe, she says that he always stares at me so i dont know if he likes me iam soooooo confused!!



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