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      I don't know yet?


I kind a like this boy I know he is really sweet and itelleginet once you get to know him, but on some days he is really a jerk. all my friends hate him but i can never hate someone ( my heart would tear ). he agrees with me on alot of stuff and he is really sweet. he is average looking brown hair shorter than me and dorky. i really  don't like guys that are shorter then me ( the whole eye to eye problem ) but sometimes i let it go like for taller guys . well he and my friend for like a week hooked up ( it was just for a joke and for like 2 hours everyday and she never grew feelings for him which is good ). and all my friends think he is a total geek because he acts like one and doesn't get good grades and is a troublemaker. well i think he is nice and alot smarter than alot of the boys in my class, well not smarter but more educated on life.well my mother and father love him because one night the night after our graduation he arrived on our door step asking for me ( well it was the first time ever a boy had arrived at my doorstep and it gave me a twisted up stomache ) i knew it was him because he lived near me and told me he would stop by. well he was so annoying and he had to do it when my parents were there, and to make it worse my mother told my whole family after. you know this boy is really sweet  and funny and nice and smart and kind of you cute. i think i may like him.


 now i'm not giving out names except mine because if he or anyone else ever reads it i don't want them to no it is me so yea


 Well my name is Samantha and please comment if you could that would be great !!!! :)


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