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      Oh so far a way


Hopefully one day, this will be love at its finest.

Last summer, a mission group from Tennessee came to my church. There was a total of about forty of them. They were all between the ages of 16 and 21. I was 18 at the time. They were there to help our church out with Vacation Bible School for a week, then they were to return to Tennessee.

He was there that week with them.

I will never forget the first time I met him.

It was Sunday morning and they had just arrived the night before after a days drive. I live in Northern Virginia so it was about an 8 hour drive. Our church had been looking forward to hosting them and meeting them for the week. That Sunday morning, he was standing in a corner, talking to a few people from my church. He was tall, dark, and incredibly cute. He caught my eye immediately but there was one problem... I had a boyfriend, a boyfriend of over a year.


Me and my boyfriend had been going through some difficulties in our relationship and there is no doubt about it, we definitely had our differences. I had never even thought or noticed another guy while we were dating, all up until now when I first saw...him.


I decided there was no harm in going over and introducing myself considering I was going to be spending a whole week with him and the others that had come from TN.


His name was John. He was 18 and had hazel eyes. He wasn't shy, but wasn't incredibly outgoing. In a matter of words, he was perfect.


That week we spent together was wonderful. We got along so well and by the time the week was over, I was devastated to see him go.


Me and my boyfriend remained together, even after all the problems we were having. Almost three months went by when one October night, my phone rang and it was ...........him.


John had called after 3 months.


After the mission group had gone back to Tennessee, I had stayed in touch with John only a hand full of times but then eventually we just stopped talking and I tried to forget about him. I thought he had done the same, but he hadn't. That night when he called, we talked for hours and hours and caught up on eachothers lives. We connected again and it was then that i realized that i still had feelings for him even after all this time.


It has now been almost a year since i have seen him in person and yes we still try to talk daily . He plans to visit in August. We have talked about our future and how, even though we live in two different states, we  still have the hope of making it work.


I broke up with my boyfriend. It wasn't right leading him on when i had someone else in the back of my mind all the time.


Some may think this to be a story with a happy ending but the only bad thing is, there is so much distance between me and John, its heart-breaking. I miss him so much but the hope that we will see eachother soon keeps us going.


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