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      It felt so right??


So this story started out like this.....There was this guy at my school i thought was so attractive, so like any teenage girl i wanted to get to know him. I used one of my friends to get his MSN, and once i got it we started chatting. We didn't know each other at all but i felt this special connection between us.  I started talking to him everyday, than one day he texted me and we started texting every single day all the time. It was so amazing!!One day he was saying how he felt sick and i made a funny comment on how i wish i could have been there to heal his pain. he than asked me what else we would do if i was there. at first i thought all of this was just a little joke and just us flirting. we hung out once and we started making out, that was it....but than we wanted to hang out more and things got a little out of control. he wanted to have sex but i told him i wanted it to be special and i wanted to be in a relationship when i did it for the first everything except sex happened between us, it felt amazing. i than realized i was falling for this guy and i didn't wanna fall flat on my face and get i told him we had to slow down and wait till school was out(there was only 2 weeks left anyways)he agreed. and now I'm wondering if maybe all he wanted from me was to get some, but no matter what i know that he means something to me and i might not mean anything to him. even though a couple days ago he told me he would like to go out with me in a matter of time.So my story is to let you guys know that you cant let good looks and a great sense of humor and a really polite guy take control of everything you have ever believed in.I am falling deeply for this guy but i need to do whats best for me. I'm only a teenager for fuck sakes....what have i gotten myself into!!



P.S.....if you want to keep a secret make sure your good at it, cause my whole school thinks I'm a dirty slut for what i have done. even though its something i feel like i just cant stop...   :S


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