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      My love for him


the story began the day i met him at the movies, we said hello to one another and that's were every thing started. he was a true gentleman. at the beginning he would take me out on dates every weekend he would travel an hour away just to see me for a couple of hours then drive back home.

But i never like the fact that he was in the social light all the time. he loved going out with his friend and meeting new people. i have always been the kind that would rather catch a movie than to go dancing at nightclub.

So that is where the problems began, i felt as if he would rather go out than be with me so in turn i started to guard my heart. I began to change an pretend like it didn't hurt me by what he did. So he started to change as well all though we never stopped loving one another.

He met someone new, she was older than us and had children, she had a lot of problems but he wanted to help her. I found out so i left but for some reason or other i would always come back. till one day he really broke my heart and i left for good. i figured if i don't stop talking to him my heart break will never go away and besides he wont stop having communication with her. So I left with no intention to come back. i gave him all of his things and even bank cards. it was serious.

In the past we couldn't go more than a day with out talking to each other and making up . and he tried and tried to talk to me that whole week he begged he pledged he told her he didn't love her and couldn't live with out me he gave up going out for me he wanted to get serious and so once that happened and we made up 2 months later we were married and 1 year later we were pregnant with our first child. so moral of the story is sometimes you have to let things go and if in fact they return it was meant to be.





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