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      It was a match made in history


I'm a member of a relatively well known historical recreation society, much like the Civil War guys, only with the middle ages and renaissance.


It was a hot day in July when my friends introduced me to C at an event.  I thought he was a nice guy, friendly, but definitely not my type, plus I was married at the time.  We did get along well, though, especially when he brought out glowsticks to celebrate as we partied throughout that night.


Unfortunately my marriage crumbled soon afterwards, and I tried hard to get my identity back as a single woman.


My friends asked if I wanted to go bowling four months later.  This was an activity that I do like sometimes but I hadn't done much when I was married.


C was there, and he told me that he loved being in the Society.  The two of us chatted all night because he too had just gone through a divorce.  It was so nice to talk to someone who really understood what was going on in my head, and he was so easy to talk to. We started communicating on a regular basis, and I went down to see him one weekend for Christmas shopping. 


I knew he was dangerous when he reached over and wiped a bit of something off my face when we were eating together.  I can't cook very well, but he said he liked my food.  He's incredibly thoughtful and kind, and he allows me to be who I am and likes me in spite of it.


I knew he was for me when he kissed me the first time.  Now we go to events together,  and I've fallen head over heels.


Don't ever rule out people who aren't your type.  They may surprise you.











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