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      I have been dating this guy for 4months on June 16th.....


I have been dating this guy for almost 4 months and I absolutely LOVE him! He is everything I ever wanted in a guy sweet, caring, loving, and of course HOT!!!!!! His sister hooked us up but now she is trying to break us apart. His sister and I used to be friends until we had been dating for 2 months and we hadn't broken up yet, then she became the biggest bitch ever!!  

She lies to me about him breaking up with me even when I kno' that it's not true, and trying to make me break up with him over stupid stuff! She doesn't have a boyfriend and she's trying to run my love life.....I DON'T THINK SO!!!!! She does like this one guy but guess what......HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!! He and his girlfriend have been together for 9 months and he loves her and my friend still tries to ruin their relationship! Only 7 of my friends really want us to be together 3 girls and 4 guys (all of the guys are his friends too.) And the 3 girls are the best friends I could ever ask for!!! The one I have been friends with for 4 years and we tell each other everything!!!!!!!!

Can you guys help me with my problem?????????

Much luv-------Thxx much!!!!!


                                                            Friend Trouble!


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