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Thanksgiving break started out great start when I found out that Bailey was coming to see her aunt that lived in San Diego, Californiawhere I was going. It wasn’t planned. It just happened for fate or… another story.

Bailey, lives in Kansas, and I flew out to see her last summer.
She got there Saturday night, and I arrived Sunday night. My uncle lives right on the coast and Bailey’s aunt lives ten minutes inward. I called her Sunday night to see what the deal was and if she cared to get to see me anytime soon. She offered to come over that very night my planecame in but it was too late.

Monday came, and I saw her for the first time infive months. She greeted me in her own Bailey away by jumping on my back andcovering my eyes to guess who it was. When you normally see someone you knowpretty well but not for a long time, you can get a little nervous. For the first time ever, I was not. I brought her in to meet the extended family and ofcourse they all loved her.

My grandfather actually slipped me a hundred without anyone seeing. We played touch football by the playground across the streetwith Zane and my little cousin Hailey. I quickly regained my memory of herpersonality with all her facial expressions and care free attitude. We decidedto go swimming in my uncle’s three pools located three blocks away from hishouse. So we skipped down the street, flirting every inch of the way, and racedto the end. We got our bathing suits on and swam for hours. Tuesday we went tothe beach since Bailey was dying to get more tan. So we did beach stuff till I was sunburned, and Bailey was bored.

The car rides there and back to everywherewe went, including the beach multiple times, were priceless. She and I switchedoff driving her aunt’s yellow jeep with the roof off singing our heads off tosome tunes. I drove for her sometimes because I think girls like it when guysdo that (might be wrong) and plus she wasn’t that great of a driver lol. Youknow at that point I didn’t care if I fell for her again, if that’s what wascoming then there was no way I could avoid it. I don’t know how it’s possiblenot to fall in love with this girl. She’s everything a guy like me would want.I learned over my past experiences that there’s a difference between love andtrue love. Love is “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for anotherperson”.

True love is undefinable. We went back to my house and played with myuncle’s friend’s baby. I have pictures; it’s pretty funny. The next day wasLegoland day. It was the dumbest thing in the world. An amusement park whichits theme was legos. Zane and Hailey had fun though. Oh, Bailey didn’t come toit by the way, so I’m just going to skip that exhilarating part. That night, we metup at the beach around six. My cousin informed me that there was going to be abonfire on the shore so we decided to check it out. There were Californian boyand girl teenagers sitting, some drinking by the fire. We spent our timetalking, making fun of people, she made sure to point out every single cute guythere, and of course, toasted marshmallows. A guy that looked like he wasaround twenty years old came to where Bailey was sitting and started hitting onher. She would awkwardly answer his questions then glance at me with the cornerof her eye.

After a couple minutes of talking, he asked her if she would liketo take a walk on the beach with him. She said, “Well, I kinda already have aboyfriend.” She latched on to my arm. He questioned her because he obviouslycouldn’t believe that I hadn’t said anything of their conversational timeframe, “Oh yeah? Prove it.” They both looked at me so I said… “don’t look at meI don’t know her.” She smiled then pushed me over the wood log where I had been sitting and kissed me lying flat on the sand. I have never kissed anyone else with so much joy than I do with her. I find myself always smiling after it,even now.

Thanksgiving day our parents forced us to take a “break” from each other. I ate with my familyaround noon with about twentyrelatives at the table. Hours after the feast, I felt absolutely terrible. Iwas sick. I felt like I couldn’t walk, even to the bathroom. Bailey called mearound eight o’clock so I told herabout my ill status. I told her I would just see her hopefully tomorrow if Ifeel at least a little better. She hung up the phone, and ten minutes later thedoorbell rang. We watched themovie “The Jerk” with Steve Martin and every girl’s favorite “Mean Girls”. If anyone hasn’t seen “The Jerk”, I highly recommend it. My cousin watched a little bit of the movie with us, and Bailey and her took a picture on my phoneof their “sad faces because Cody is sick” picture. Bailey and I had “The Jerk” memorized in a heart beat. I’ll never forget that one blonde moment I caught her on that night. “Cody, can you help me open this jar?” “That’s a can Bailey… ”haha. We finished the movies, and she told me she would see me tomorrow. Ithanked her for coming and watched her leave my uncle’s house from my upstairsbedroom window.

Friday was Seaworld Day. My family and Bailey’s family decided to go together which wasn’tthat bad as it seems. We rode rides, watched Shamu, got soaked by two littleotters, and waited in line after line. It was way too packed for us to handleso we were there a grand total of five hours. We watched “Casino Royale” insome random San Diego theatre. Ifyou ever want a guy to fall for you even more, put your head upperchest/shouderarea while he puts his arm around you and hold his opposite hand. Bailey was apro at everything she did. This day was full of memories that right now, Ican’t really recall specifically or good enough to describe to anyone else. But I do remember her Shamu face. It was pretty amazing! Saturday was ourlast day together in California.We went to the world famous San Diego Zoo in the beginning of the last day. Shepicked out an animal “that most resembled me” so of course she picked thebiggest ugliest thing I’d ever seen. It was some kind of African hairy warthog.She couldn’t stop laughing when she made me stand right in front of it tocompare our features. We had to leaveearly because my uncle had a business formal dinner/social. The whole familywas invited to go so we went. Of course, I brought Bailey at the last minute.She barely fit into her aunt’s old dress and still managed to look amazing. Inthe middle of the huge red room, there was the dance floor! So just guess whatwe did… we danced until we had to go…DUH! They also played my favorite Sinatra songwhich made it even ten times better.I told my mom thatwe were going out to hang out at the beach for awhile until it was not too latein the night. We drove from the business thing to the beach. No one was insight at that time in night. She parked her little yellow jeep on the sand bythe crashing waves beneath a small rock plateau. We got out wearing my niceclothes (tie, jacket, etc but took our shoes off) and her dress and walked downthe shore talking. It finally hit us that we wouldn’t see each other again fora long time. My Kansas trip Ibarely pulled off with my summer schedule, and her parents are still tossingthe idea of her coming to Roam around but at a slight chance. After about twenty seconds of silence on the walk down the beach, she stopped and said “come on.” She ran into the water, andI eventually walked towards her still standing where the water only ran up to my knees. To lighten the mood, I told her something was touching me. I kept looking around frantically looking like I was trying to find out what it was.She moved closer to me and said “What? What is it?!” I picked up a rock from the bottom while she was turned and tossed it beside her. She screamed andchimmied up my body to all the way out of the water. She realized I was justmessing with her so she hit me. We started to walkout of the water when I noticed she stopped walking beside me. I turned aroundto see why she stopped with her knees still barely under water. She was justlooking out towards the bright moon across the dark ocean. I walked up behindher. She turned around, grabbed me by my black tie, and kissed me. I opened myeyes for a split second and saw a tear come down her left cheek. I pulled herback to shore and told her to sit there and that I’d be right back. I gave hera clean towel and went back up away from the ocean. I grabbed the excess sticksfrom the bonfire and laid it down piling up on one another. I grabbed Bailey’suncle’s lighter and made a small fire, enough to keep Bailey warm. She lied inmy arms and thanked me. We began talking, eventually quoting “The Jerk”. Westarted to sing a song from the movie acupella style. It probably wasn’t thebest rendition ever made but it was sweet. We began to talk about our nextmeeting and when we could find the time for it. Choices decreased and the toneof our voices changed. She eventually broke down and cried again. I asked her“Bailey why are you crying?” She said with a little makeup smeared below hereyes, “because…I have never felt this way about anything. This feeling... ithappens once in a lifetime. From the moment you took me up in the hot airballoon, I knew this was real. I’m going to miss you Cody Anderson…”

He left the next morning on the 7:00 AM plane withoutsaying goodbye in person. She told me it would be too hard on her to say itagain. I left later that day from the San Diego Airport to Atlanta.When I got off the plane, my family and I walked out the gate. I turned on myipod and walked slowly behind them listening to “Paint the Silence”. It wasBailey’s favorite song. I knew nobody walking past me would ever know what I’vejust done. They would never know the story about me and Bailey and probably wouldn’tcare if I told them. There are just two people in the world that know andthat’s enough for us. We were two kids on the edge of forever not knowinganything about the future, hoping that time would just stop for a second justfor us. Because if we took one more step… we could never go back and have whatwe once had. Time would surpass us. We would get older and began to forgettheir scent, their laugh, our memories. And then, it would only be anotherstory.


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