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      Impossible Love


I was in the 7th grade and falling in love wasn't really in my plans.But then I met this guy that made me feel very special. Iwas totally in love with him,we had so many things in common. Months passed and before we knew it we were in the 8th grade. I was so scared that I wouldn't have him in any of my classes. But lucky me that feeling went away when I saw him sitting on a desk. Our love grew more and more everyday. But then things started to change. A girl wrote him a letter telling him that she liked him and saying that he deserved someone better than me. He promised me that I was the only girl he loved and told me that he wouldn't break up with me for her. I was so in love with him that I believed him. A week passed and things were getting worst. He wrote me a letter saying that he wanted to break up with me. And my heart broke into a million pieces. Two weeks passed the most lonely weeks I had ever felt. His bestfriend asked me out and I said yes to him, because he seemed a very great guy. Even tough I still liked my ex-boyfriend I thought I would soon be able to forget about him. I was going out with his best friend something that I consider wrong. I started to like him and was totally happy with him. But then my ex-boyfriend called me told me that his best friend was jusy playing around with me. I believed him and broke up with him. Then he wrote me a letter saying that it wasn't true, that he just said told me that becausehe was jealous that I was going out with him. He told me that he still loved me. That he couldn't forget about me. Till this day he still calls me and tells me that he loves me and that he wants a chance to show me that he really does love me. I still love him too, but I can't give him a chance because I'm afraid to get hurt again.



                                  Thanks for reading my story that is true.


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